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Operators Virtual Course

…teaches Plant Operators how to run their plant(s) more effectively, reliably, and safer.

2021 Plant Operators Virtual Course Dates

February 18th

 For more information about the 2021 schedule and registration contact us here at our contact page or directly at [email protected].

PLANT OPERATORS will invest half of their course time at our fabrication/refurbishing shops and yards around various equipment/components/parts for interactive demonstrations and on-site classes.

The other half of the course time will be invested in learning via classroom-style presentations and peer discussions in the hotel conference room.


  • Specifies where the Hotmix Asphalt Plant fits into the entire business operation including the management of aggregates, liquid A.C., paving, and quality control.
  • Drying Systems: Alignments, lighting, and troubleshooting.
  • Slats & Silo System monitoring and wear-reduction.
  • Plant Automation and Multiple Liquid Blending.

Discussion Leaders:

Our Hotmix University operators “Plantology” Course features common sense hands-on techniques and acknowledged industry leaders – many of whom have helped to design, build, install, and successfully run asphalt plants in many regions of North America.

Virtual Course price: $195