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Training Courses for Asphalt Plant Managers and Operators

Improve your asphalt plant efficiency immediately with valuable knowledge from industry experts.

Experience hands-on training and learn about the latest technology in the asphalt industry.

Enhance your professional network through interactions with peers and veterans.

Applied Knowledge is Power

Hotmix University 101

Each year during January and February, HU offers comprehensive 3-day training sessions for asphalt plant personnel, the Operators Course and the Managers Exchange.

Both courses have been thoughtfully crafted by industry experts to provide asphalt professionals with the knowledge and expertise to operate and manage asphalt plants safely and efficiently. Further, both are updated every year so you only receive the most current information on industry changes.

Our veteran instructors cover a wide range of topics including: Plant Operations, Plant Maintenance, Safety Protocols, Product QC, Regulation Compliance, and Emerging Production Trends.

Empowering asphalt professionals with unparalleled knowledge and expertise is our primary mission, but Hotmix University also offers an excellent opportunity to build network connections with other industry professionals during our workshops and nightly outings.

Registration opens at the beginning of Fall and classes fill up quickly, so mark your calendars and don’t delay if you are interested in attending!

Which One is Right for You?

Plant Managers

Learn industry best practices to maximize the efficiency and safety of your plant straight from distinguished management veterans.

Industry Trends | Tuning Plant Automation | Systems Optimization | Measuring Plant Performance
...and More!

Plant Operators

Attending Operators can expect to receive a degree in our Plantology program, featuring hands-on learning taught by some of the best in the business.

Plant Operations Overview | Plant Safety | Drying Systems Calibration | System Monitoring | Wear Reduction Methods | Plant Automation | Liquid Blending
...and More!

Managers Exchange

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Operators Course


Hotmix University is here to take your operation to the next level, starting with the people who run it.