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Hotmix University – Louisville, Ky


Hotmix University (HU) is a technical training conference offered by Stansteel & Hotmix Parts in Louisville, KY. During the focused 3-1/2 days of HU, participants enjoy a combination of presentations, hands-on workshops, break-out sessions and discussions as well as fun times every evening networking among industry peers.

We limit our class size to encourage productive interaction with instructors, asphalt producers and operators. Those who have graduated from HU have raved about the practical benefits received during their time spent learning with us.

Our staff of instructors not only boasts over 1,500 years of combined experience in the asphalt industry but also in the broader rotary processing equipment world. This makes our agenda unique to any other training event in our industry. Here are just some of the topics covered:

– Performance measures – Best practices and how to improve – Establish FACTS about your plant – Specific plant components review – Design and operation practices – Heating and drying: burners and dryer/drums – Baghouse and air systems
– Silo systems – Recycle – RAP & RAS – Electronic controls – Preventive Maintenance & Minimizing Downtime – Productivity – Reliability Engineering – Much more!

Which Course is Right For You?

…is for multi-plant managers/superintendents/owners who have the big picture in mind.

PLANT MANAGERS are interested in making their plants run better yet they also want to reinforce how to run their plants more profitably (the business perspective); the why’s and not just the how’s.

So our Managers Exchange will include some business-focused sessions including “Operations Overview” and “ROI” (Return on Investment).

PARTICIPANTS IN THE MANAGERS EXCHANGE will participate in tours of our fabrication and refurbishing shops, but the majority of their learning will be gained from interacting with our presenters and fellow participants.

A valuable component of this Exchange is the time spent learning from and sharing knowledge with industry peers from across North America.


  • Hotmix Asphalt Industry changes and trends which require Plant Response/Modifications.
  • Tuning Plant Asphalt Automation to achieve 100% End Results and Project Bonus Pay.
  • Importance of Combustion and Air Systems to Achieve Production Rates.
  • Benchmarking and Measuring Plant Performance.

Discussion Leaders:

Our Hotmix University Managers Exchange features a number of specialists with 1525 and even 40 years of experience owning and operating plants, designing and servicing plant components and managing entire production facilities.

…teaches plant operators how to run their plant(s) more effectively, reliably, and safely.

Plant Operators will invest half of their course time at our fabrication/refurbishing shops and yards around various equipment/components/parts for interactive demonstrations and on-site classes.

The other half of the course time will be invested in learning via classroom-style presentations and peer discussions in the hotel conference room.


  • Specifies where the Hotmix Asphalt Plant fits into the entire business operation including the management of aggregates, liquid A.C., paving and quality control.
  • Drying Systems: Alignments, flighting and troubleshooting.
  • Slats & Silo System monitoring and wear-reduction.
  • Plant Automation and Multiple Liquid Blending.

Discussion Leaders:

Our Hotmix University  operators “Plantology” Course features common sense hands-on techniques and acknowledged industry leaders – many of whom have helped to design, build, install, and successfully run asphalt plants in many regions of North America.

Course Schedules:

Managers Exchange

January 13-16, 2019

  • Jan. 13: Travel day and welcome reception
  • Jan. 14-16: Interactive classes, tours & events

Operators Course

Feb. 24-27, 2019

  • Feb. 24: Travel day and welcome reception
  • Feb. 25-27: Interactive classes, tours & events

Operators Course

March 17-20, 2019

  • March 17: Travel day and welcome reception
  • March 18-20: Interactive classes, tours & events

*NOTE: The March Operators Course is a duplicate of the February session.

What Participants Have to Say:

“Most people never get access to this type of training. It would be helpful for everyone. Thanks for everything, great experience.”

“If I were to rate my experience at HU on a scale from 1-10, I would give it a 13! I was impressed with the presentations and the speakers, especially Steve, Chris, Gregg and Buck.”

“We will absolutely be sending more delegates next year to your Operator training.”

“It was great meeting new people in the industry. Our team appreciated this opportunity to learn from their experiences and incorporate the best ideas into our own organization.”

“Your plant maintenance checklists are valuable toward helping me reduce downtime.”

“I would definitely recommend that all plant operators attend this event.”

“The presentation on veiling in drums/dryers was very informative and helpful for us.”

“Gaining insights into the direction the hotmix industry is heading with new technologies will surely help us compete and excel in our markets.”

“The presenters and staff were all very open, knowledgeable and experienced. What’s to improve?”

“Ways to make our plant run more efficiently (like sealing up air gaps) was most valuable for us.”

“It was valuable for us to establish new contacts with your product experts and other plant managers around the nation. It is always quite helpful to have such relationships with folks you can rely on.”

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